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Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring Plans

The Law Firm has a department that follows the restructuring and bankruptcy procedures sector, offering assistance before both the civil and criminal courts.

We have acquired considerable experience in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency law, having sponsored numerous situations of complex corporate crises. We provide legal advice on all problematic profiles that arise in situations of financial stress or bankruptcy, both in the preventive phase of analysis and identification of the best procedure for insolvency management and in the litigation of admission and management of the various insolvency proceedings. We assist Clients in the management of insolvency proceedings, in the definition of restructuring plans and in legal assistance in the liquidation or receivership phases. Moreover, we support the procedures for admission to liabilities and the possible phase of opposition to insolvency, as well as in the disputes of opposition to declaratory judgments of bankruptcy and bankruptcy revocations.

The Law Firm can address and resolve any issue and/or dispute of bankruptcy or insolvency and, being able to rely on a network of accountants, tax advisors and labour consultants, issues related to business crises are addressed and resolved in the shortest possible time.

Credit protection in insolvency proceedings.

Debt restructuring


Rental and sale of company

Contentious and out-of-court assistance to procedural bodies.

Liability and revocatory actions