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Family law, inheritance law

The Law Firm assists in the management of personal and property relationships within the family, including between cohabitants or between parties to civil unions, including issues relating to the custody of minor children.

The Law Firm is a reference point for legal issues related to family law and inheritance.

Personalised professional assistance for issues related to divorces, separations, child custody, alimony, and division of marital assets. In addition, we deal with inheritance practices, ensuring full legal support for estate planning and real estate management.

Disputes relating to the management of personal and family assets are addressed and resolved daily, including trusts and family agreements, without neglecting winding-up proceedings, disqualification and appointment of receivers.

The Law Firm also provides legal advice and assistance regarding inheritance and relative disputes.

Strengthened by a consolidated experience in support of family businesses, and aware of their various intrinsic risks, our law firm can offer advice aimed at protecting, safeguarding, managing and planning generational transferals.

With a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, our team of professionals is committed to protecting clients’ interests and finding effective solutions for the most complex family and succession issues, offering dedicated and confidential legal advice, to face the legal challenges related to family law and succession with serenity and competence.