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Labor law

This department is composed of professionals who pay constant attention to the in-depth study of legal issues, yet with a pragmatic attitude, seeking agile and innovative solutions at all times, that enhance each client’s peculiarities and needs.

We can offer clients integrated and high-quality strategic advice, combining purely work-related expertise with the skills of other practices in welfare and social security.

The Law Firm assists workers and companies in labour disputes by ensuring competence, experience and clarity in the relationship with the client.

Specifically, the Law Firm deals with:

  • assistance to workers and companies to initiate and challenge individual or collective dismissals;
  • accidents at work with assistance in the relative judgments of compensation for damages;
  • disciplinary proceedings concerning the formulation of complaints and the imposition of sanctions, as well as related appeals;
  • disputes relating to the remuneration and classification of workers (qualification, level, demotion);
  • the customer’s assistance in the event of consensual termination of the employment relationship;
  • contractual consultancy relating to employment relationships (types of contracts, trial agreements, non-competition agreements and various types of agreements that access the employment contract);
  • the evaluation and defence, both in and out of court, of any legal and social security issue concerning the establishment, performance and termination of the employment relationship.

This Law Firm assists employees and employers (public and private) in labour law disputes, both in court before the Labour Courts and in out-of-court proceedings, providing advice on the subject, backed by experience on all issues related to labour law.