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Criminal law

This Law Firm offers legal assistance and advisory services in all areas of criminal law, in particular economic, labour and general corporate criminal law, including tax, corporate, and bankruptcy offences, plus any related offences against the Public Administration, criminal medical liability, environmental and town planning offences, cybercrimes and defamation.

Our experienced lawyers provide legal advice and advocacy for individuals and companies involved in criminal proceedings in these specific areas of law.

The Criminal Department is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for our clients, defending their interests and ensuring they receive justice and fairness in the legal system.

Our Law Firm specialises in criminal law and provides legal assistance to people who have been victims of crime. Our team of experienced lawyers is committed to protecting the rights and interests of offended persons, offering comprehensive and personalised legal support at every stage of the criminal process.

The law firm deals with a wide range of crimes, including violence, scams, harassment, theft, personal injury and other personal crimes, with a determined approach to ensure that victims receive justice and obtain fair compensation.

If you have been a victim of crime and need legal assistance, please contact us for free and confidential advice. We’re here to help you uphold your rights and get justice.

Organisation, Management and Control Models (Legislative Decree no. 231/2001)

The Law Firm has experience in the field of Corporate Compliance and Organisational Models per Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001.

In agreement with the client, our Law Firm offers assistance in the risk assessment phase through the drafting of the so-called “risk map”, in addition to creating the Organisational Model that takes into account existing procedures (appropriately modified or integrated) or identifies new decision-making protocols, to prevent the identified risks.

The Law Firm also provides advice within the framework of the establishment of the Supervisory Body and in the training of its members as well as the staff responsible for the evaluation of the so-called “corporate compliance”.

The Law Firm can provide companies in the risk analysis phase and the preparation of effective organisational models with suitable support required by the industry regulations. Legal aid is provided to legal persons, companies, and associations that are investigated or charged under Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

231/2001. Our law firm offers specialist advice on Organisation, Management and Control Models (Legislative Decree no. 231/2001) to help companies prevent potential criminal liability arising from crimes committed within the scope of their activity. We provide our experience and expertise to assist companies in the design, implementation and review of their organisational models, ensuring compliance with current regulations and minimising legal risks.

European Court of Human Rights

This Law Firm also assists in international matters, by gaining specific experience in proceedings before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights (the legal body of the Council of Europe responsible for the protection of human rights in Europe). In the last decade, the jurisprudence of the Strasbourg bodies has dealt with profiles of possible incompatibility of internal practices or rules of law and criminal procedure with the European Convention on Human Rights several times.

The Law Firm has in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of access to the Court of Strasbourg, which must be appealed, once the domestic remedies have been exhausted, within six months of the last final decision.

The professionalism of the Law Firm linked to the Council of Europe’s protection system also extends to consulting for companies on issues of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: the drafting of organisational models always involves an assessment of human rights protection profiles.