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Lease Law and Property Rights

Our Law Firm offers legal advice on real estate leases, with complete and personalised assistance for owners, tenants and condominium administrators in all matters related to rents and leases The Law Firm can offer assistance to individuals and legal entities in pre-contractual advice and preparing various types of leases (for example, residential, tourist, temporary, and commercial use) with the establishment of suitable guarantees to support the obligations contractually undertaken.

Assistance is provided in the purchase or sale of real estate, in the drafting and negotiation of relevant contracts (property management or service and lease agreements) with reference to different market segments (residential, offices and commercial, hotels, shopping centres and even other types).

Our law firm deals with the drafting and review of leases, management of disputes regarding evictions, debt collection and resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants. With extensive experience in the leasing industry, we provide effective legal solutions and targeted strategies to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Our Law Firm has a profound knowledge and decades of experience in the real estate sector both in the legal field and in the most varied types of real estate transactions, following investors, real estate companies, and construction companies in the contentious and out-of-court fields.